We searched far and wide around Sydney to find the best spots for filming the Autumn leaves changing colour when we finally found this spot at Mount Wilson and Windyridge Garden. 

Nearly all native Australian plants/trees are green all year around making it very rare to find such colours in the region. Being from the UK, this is something I’ve missed heaps so I just had to capture the memory on the camera.

Location: Nestled in the Blue Mountains, in a little village called Mount Wilson. The garden at Windyridge produced the last remaining leaves still hanging in the area showcasing some amazing fiery contrasting colours.

Thought I would play around with the colours and got some pretty cool effects.

If you ever get the chance to visit Mount Wilson and Windyridge Garden, It’s a beautiful spot for any still or moving images.

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Shaun Hepple: Director, DOP, editing and grading.

Music by: Nicolai Heidlas, Letting Go